Senin, 13 Juni 2016

[Read] No Man's Land (John Puller Series) PDF

Kindle ebook: No Man's Land (John Puller Series) PDF

By David Baldacci

No Man's Land (John Puller Series)

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“Books support us in our solitude and keep us from being a burden to ourselves.” –Jeremy Collier


Special Agent John Puller, combat veteran and the army's most tenacious investigator, is back in this action-packed thriller from worldwide #1 bestselling author David Baldacci.
Two men. Thirty years.
John Puller's mother, Jackie, vanished thirty years ago from Fort Monroe, Virginia, when Puller was just a boy. Paul Rogers has been in prison for ten years. But twenty years before that, he was at Fort Monroe. One night three decades ago, Puller's and Rogers' wor...

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